I was born in Rome in 1982. In 2006 I graduated in “Photography and visual arts” at the European Institute of Design in Rome and I started working as free lance photographer, focusing my work on social and cultural issues, with particular attention to human matters.

After some personal projects in South America, I shifted my interest to South Africa where I went in 2012 to look into expressions of marginalization and violence as consequences of the Apartheid regime. In 2016 I came back to Italy to work on environmental issues in the south of the peninsula.

Since 2015 I’m part of Ulixes Picture, a new photoagency focused on research and documentation.

Currently I live in Rome to extend my research on social issues of National relevance, result of the cultural and social crisis in Italy today.

My pictures have been published on magazines and website such as: IoDonna, La Repubblica, Private, Vice, CNNphotoblog, Crime Stern, Hindex.hu.


2nd prize – Fotoleggendo 2012

Finalist – Portfolio Italia 2012

Finalist – ViewBookPhotoStory 2012

Finalist – ANI Pix Palace Award 2015

Gold – German Art Directors Club (Photography Editorial) 2016


Altopiano di Pinè – Trentino Immagini 2013

Centro Italiano Fotografia d’Autore – Portfolio Italia 2013

Centro Italiano Fotografia d’Autore – Uno Sguardo Inadeguato 2013

Gobelins, Ecole de l’Image – Visas de l’ANI et du ANI Pix Palace 2016

Campo Santo, Perpignan – Visa Pour l’Image screening 2017

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