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La Mojana Floods

La Mojana, Colombia 2010.

The region of “La Mojana” is one of the most flood-risk places in the world due to it’s geographical position.
At the beginning of July 2010, the main rivers crossing this region located north, in particular Rio Cauca river, the most threatening of all, overflowed.
On July 23rd, after a long raining period, Rio Cauca broke the artificial barriers consisting of a barrage built from inhabitants, made of sacks full of stones and sand and placed where Rio Cauca meets Caño Mojana (La Boca del Cura), and poured out a quantity of water enough to inundate the whole area.
At the end of the month 73.000 people were seriously hit, 14.500 families were left with no drinking water, no medications, no gas, all their belongings stolen from the flows, their fields totally destroyed.
An every year issue, despite all the promises of the government to make a dredging of Rio Cauca, to build an hydraulic net and to manage the lands as a firm and concrete action to put an end to the winter emergency of this area.